Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello from Mpumalanga Province, South Africa and the Conditional Cash Transfer Project. Today Amanda Selin (project manager) and I are training interviewers on the use of mini laptops and QDS survey software at the Agincourt Project Office. It is HOT. Fans are running, but hot air is hot air. The interviewers are enthusiastic and have jumped into the laptop training with both feet. In previous days Amanda has conducted different trainings including ethics, biospecimen collection, household recruitment, SOPs, and counseling. The field staff are a good group. I have spent most of my time here thus far working on programming the Shangaan versions of both questionnaires, one including audio. Beginning to hate the sight of my laptop! We pretty much work all day and into the evening every day. There's a lot to do, but Amanda is tireless in her efforts and the pilot moves forward.

A few pictures are included. That lizardy looking thing is just that. He lives in the main room window of our small house at the WRF (Wits Rural Facility). The road views are what's to the left and right of our driveway. One of the two bedrooms is air-conditioned, so we share the room and recently used it to also house some biospecimen materials including a centrifuge.

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