Thursday, April 30, 2009

PAA day 1

It's a rainy day in Detroit, but that hasn't interfered with all the PAA activities at the Marriott Detroit. I participated in a meeting of the computer directors of several of the other population centers yesterday afternoon and we shared ideas and issues that many of us are facing. It's a great way to meet research services counterparts from all over the country.

Many CPC alumni are here -- I've talked with Joe Rogers, Susan Newcomer, Ray Langsten, Craig St. John, Tom McDevitt, Jeff Edmeades, Martin Piotrowski, Yuying Tong, Bill Pan, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of our current and former folks.

Lori Delaney and I took some pictures of the poster session this afternoon, but I don't have the camera cable to upload at this time. Swasey may be able to help us when he arrives tomorrow.

Several of us are taking the tour of Detroit later today. Even with the rain, it should be an interesting view of the Motor City.

Hope all is well at CPC!


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